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  1. To. Check status. Stay up to date with our flight status tools. MileagePlus members can subscribe to notifications for flight status, check-in availability and more. United Airlines will do everything practical to ensure we provide the most accurate flight status information at all times.

  2. Check-in and boarding. On most flights you can check in online starting 30 hours before, and up until one hour before departure. If you prefer, you can also check in at the airport. No matter how you check in, be sure to be at your gate and ready to board by your flights deadline. Online check-in. Check-in at the airport.

  3. Live flight status, flight tracking, and predictive data powered by Hyperfeed®. Crunching hundreds of gigabytes a day and enriched by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, FlightAware’s HyperFeed engine delivers a complete picture of historical and predictive global aircraft movements and serves as the central ...

  4. Flight Status. Check flight status by entering cities or flight number. Cities. Flight number. From. To. Date. Search. Find up-to-date Flight status.

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    SAS For Business. Book corporate trip; Join SAS For Business; Program benefits; Corporate sustainability program; Travel Pass products; Partners. Car rental (earn points) Car rental (use points) Hotels (earn points) Hotels (use points) Check in My bookings Travel info . Plan your trip. Passport, ID and visa; Baggage; Check-in options

  6. The minimum bid depends on the flight. On flights to North America, you can place 2 bids: one for SAS Plus and one for SAS Business. We’ll rank your bid once all available seats have been assigned, and if you don’t get your SAS Business upgrade, you’ll still have a chance to be upgraded to SAS Plus. Good luck!

  7. The SAS app helps you book flights, check in, get your boarding pass, see the latest flight status and receive important notifications like the boarding progress of your flight. The SAS app offers you plenty of practical features related to your trip. By using the app, you have all your travel details at your fingertips.

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