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  1. 11 Φεβ 2024 · Flight status. Search for your Etihad flight quickly and easily. Enter your date of travel then tell us where you are flying from and to. You can also enter your flight number. If your flight is operated by another airline, please check their website.

  2. 4 ημέρες πριν · Find out about the arrival, departure and status of a Lufthansa direct flight. In addition, you can have your departure and arrival times sent directly to your mobile phone.

  3. 12 Φεβ 2024 · Track Swiss (LX) #40 flight from Zurich (Kloten) to Los Angeles Intl Flight status, tracking, and historical data for Swiss 40 (LX40/SWR40) including scheduled, estimated, and actual departure and arrival times.

  4. 2 ημέρες πριν · Stay up to date with our flight status tools. United Airlines will do everything practical to ensure we provide the most accurate flight status information at all times. However, situations change quickly and many factors affect our scheduled operations. Please understand that a flight listed as "Delayed" may, depending on the circumstances ...

  5. 1 ημέρα πριν · Arrivals and departures. The actual take-off or landing time of a flight may deviate from the schedule. Enter the flight number, route or destination in order to check the current flight status. Last-minute changes are always possible.

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