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  1. FlightAware is a digital aviation company and operates the world's largest flight tracking and data platform. With global connectivity to every segment of aviation, FlightAware provides over 10,000 aircraft operators and service providers as well as over 13,000,000 passengers with global flight tracking solutions, predictive technology ...

  2. Key Features. Full-screen maps with NEXRAD weather. Track airline, charter, private and general aviation aircraft. See nearby aircraft flying overhead. Mobile push notifications and flight alerts. View worldwide airport activity.

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    Explore live flight tracking and maps for the UK and beyond with FlightAware Live. See flight routes, weather, and more.

  4. 19 Φεβ 2024 · This app allows you to track the real-time flight status and see the live map flight track of any commercial flight worldwide and general aviation (private, charter, etc) in the United States...

  5. Easily track the status of your flight, check for any delays on the inbound aircraft, see weather radar, and set up alerts to be notified of any changes – all for free! Free features: Track any plane around the world in real-time.

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  7. 20 Ιουλ 2023 · Once you locate your flight, click on it to find real-time updates of your flights status, it’s scheduled departure and arrival times, gate information, and more. Click on more details for aircraft flight times and details such as tail number, the planned route of flight, active runways, and more.

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