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  1. Allegiant Air Flight Status (with flight tracker and live maps) -- view all flights or track any Allegiant Air flight.

    • Origin

      Allegiant Air Flight Status (with flight tracker and live...

    • AAY Flight Tracking and History

      Flight status, tracking, and historical data for AAY...

    • Aay924

      Track Allegiant Air (G4) #924 flight from Springfield to...

    • Aay523

      Track Allegiant Air (G4) #523 flight from Clearwater Intl to...

    • Aay734

      Track Allegiant Air (G4) #734 flight from Phoenix-Mesa...

    • Aay501

      Track Allegiant Air (G4) #501 flight from Fort Lauderdale...

    • KIWA

      Phoenix-Mesa Gateway, Phoenix, AZ (IWA/KIWA) flight tracking...

  2. The world’s most popular flight tracker. Track planes in real-time on our flight tracker map and get up-to-date flight status & airport information.

  3. Up-to-the-minute Allegiant flight status. Search by departure date, departure and arrival airport or flight number.

  4. Get real-time updates with the Allegiant Air Flight Tracker. Check Allegiant Air flight status, schedules, and claim compensation for delays instantly.

  5. Real-time Worldwide Flight Traffic. Explore the skies around you or anywhere in the world using our live flight tracking map. Click on any aircraft or airport for a more detailed view, and use the layer icon in the top right corner to add weather layers and more.

  6. FlightStats Global Flight Tracker - Track the real-time flight status of your flight. See if your flight has been delayed or cancelled and track the live position on a map.

  7. View airport arrival & departures boards, flight status, current delay stats, current weather conditions, and aircraft on the ground just by tapping on any airport pin. Flightradar24 is the world’s most popular flight tracking service. Track planes in real-time with our flight tracker app available for Android and iOS.

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