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  1. For most flights, you can check in on the Frontier app starting 24 hours before your flight's scheduled departure time. You must have your boarding pass and have any bags checked in by the below cutoff times before departure: 60 minutes (domestic flights) 60 minutes (international flights) If you fail to check-in or to board your flight within ...

  2. Need Help With An Existing Trip? Save time and money by managing your trip in the Frontier app or use our customer self-service tool below! Whether you need to book, change or cancel your trip, add baggage, or choose your seat, we are here to help. MY TRIP/CHECK-IN. Save time and money: Download our app. Last Name* Confirmation Code*

  3. Check-In Time If you want to be ahead of the game, use online check-in or check-in on our mobile app before you even get to the airport! Online check-in for all our flights is available within 60 minutes to 24 hours of your departure time.

  4. Check Frontier flight status, including departure time, arrival time, and gate information.

  5. Use our app to add bags and seats, check-in, and get your boarding pass quickly and easily. Please enter a valid passenger last name. Please enter a valid reservation code.

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