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  1. Use Google Flights to explore cheap flights to anywhere. Search destinations and track prices to find and book your next flight.

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  2. 10 Μαΐ 2024 · Whether you're looking for a cheaper getaway this summer or sometime in 2025, here's a look at how to use Google Flights Explore to book your spot on the cheapest flight possible. In this post. Where to Find Google Flights Explore. How to Use Google Flights Explore. Use Filters to Set Some Ground Rules.

  3. 20 Φεβ 2023 · A brand new feature by Google Flights called Explore that allows users to do open-ended searches based on regions. Find the cheapest place to travel to.

  4. 5 Δεκ 2023 · Or, you can use one of the most handy (and hidden!) features of Google Flights to search flights in 10 seconds: the Explore map. The Explore map shows you fares on specific (or flexible) dates across a country or entire region.

  5. 28 Οκτ 2023 · Rather than listing travel options on a search results page as Google Flights does, Google Explore brilliantly shows all possible travel destinations across a navigable map from one location. And welcomingly, these search results are no longer limited solely to plane travel and airport locations.

  6. 2 Φεβ 2024 · While Google Flights can help you find great deals for specific dates and locations, you can save even more money with the Explore tool.

  7. 6 Απρ 2024 · By searching from any destination to anywhere, the prices will show you the cheaper hub airports for the region. To do this, go to Then, enter a departure destination (ideally in the region you want to fly to or from) leaving the arrival blank. Now, hit “explore.”.

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