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  1. 22 Ιουν 2022 · There are 2 alternatives to OpenSeaMap, not only websites but also apps for Mac, Windows, Linux and Self-Hosted. The best OpenSeaMap alternative is OpenCPN, which is both free and Open Source.

  2. 1 Φεβ 2022 · The not-for-profit ( offers astonishing value, with oeSENC vector charts covering the British Isles and Atlantic France for just €29.50, the Caribbean for €29 and Croatia for €27.50. It also offers raster charts. An OpenSeaMap screenshot of Poole Harbour.

  3. The closest apps equivalent to Google Maps for a boat, are chart plotter applications. They contain a complete map of the world’s oceans, with sufficient detail to navigate any size vessel across the globe.

  4. There are four alternatives to OpenCPN for a variety of platforms, including Web-based, Android, iPhone, iPad and Self-Hosted apps. The best OpenCPN alternative is Open Nautical Charts, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like OpenCPN are OpenSeaMap, zyGrib and Navionics Boating.

  5. 6 Ιαν 2015 · OpenSeaMap is an alternative cost-free solution, open for public worldwide. Following the example of Wikipedia, the data are collected by crowd-sourcing. OpenSeaMap involves experienced mariners, programmers, and thousands of data collectors.

  6. Explore the free nautical chart of OpenSeaMap, with weather, sea marks, harbours, sport and more features. Download for offline use.

  7. 20 Σεπ 2023 · OpenSeaMap. The free Nautical Chart. Author: Team of OpenSeaMap. Slippy map: map .openseamap .org. Website: openseamap .org. water depths by crowd sourcing: depth .openseamap .org. OpenSeaMap is a worldwide open source project for visualisation of a free nautical database using OpenStreetMap data.

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