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  1. Explore the free nautical chart of OpenSeaMap, with weather, sea marks, harbours, sport and more features. Download for offline use.

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  2. 21 Απρ 2023 · Thus, a special OpenSeaMap chart was developed for owners of Garmin marine devices. It is particularly designed to adapt to the options of marine devices, which are rather limited compared to those of outdoor devices. This chart also works on outdoor devices with marine mode (e. g. Oregon) without any restrictions.

  3. Garmin's nautical chart plotters and some handheld devices can use OpenSeaMap vector based charts with worldwide coverage. You can save the whole chart of Europe to memory and it takes up only 3.5GB of SD card space.

  4. Garmin chart plotter series - OpenSeaMap now running on all garmin nautical chart plotters

  5. OpenSeaMap - offline nautical navigation charts. OpenSeaMap charts can be used on board even without access to internet - with a chart plotter from Garmin, Lowrance, Simrad, B&G. Together with a navigation program or an app also with an onboard-computer, a notebook, on Android tablet, iPad or Windows tablet.

  6. Coordinate grid. OpenSeaMap seamarks. Interactive seamarks. Official depth data for Germany/MV. POIs for scuba diving. Search places. Marine traffic. Download map bundles. Debug tiles.

  7. 6 Ιαν 2015 · OpenSeaMap involves experienced mariners, programmers, and thousands of data collectors. All these volunteers are working to produce a nautical chart with comprehensive, relevant, and up-to-date data for water sports. The web-based chart contains information on oceans, rivers, and topography.

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