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  1. Starting from*. $15. One-way. per passenger. Automatic check-in Better boarding position Earlier access to overhead bins. *EarlyBird Check-In® pricing starts at $15 one-way, and is subject to availability. Pricing may vary based on the popularity and length of each (one-way) flight.

    • Online Check-In

      If you purchased EarlyBird Check-In®, your boarding position...

  2. Learn how to add EarlyBird Check-In to your booking and enjoy the convenience of automatic check-in before the traditional 24-hour window. Find out the benefits, availability, and cost of this service for different fare types and membership levels.

  3. Enjoy the extra convenience of EarlyBird Check-in with a better boarding position and early access to overhead bins.

  4. 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time: We may begin boarding as early as 30 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure time. We encourage all passengers to plan to arrive in the gate area no later than this time.

  5. 25 Ιουν 2021 · This is the #1 confusion with Early Bird - despite automatically receiving a boarding position 36 hours ahead of the flight, you still have to "check in" at the 24 hour mark to receive your boarding pass and save it to your phone / print it / etc.

  6. If you purchased EarlyBird Check-In®, your boarding position will be reserved for you. That said, in order to pass through the security checkpoint, you will need to retrieve your boarding pass online or at the airport at your convenience as early as 24 hours prior to scheduled departure.

  7. 17 Αυγ 2023 · EarlyBird Check-In is an optional add-on that automatically checks you in and assigns a boarding number before the general 24-hour self-check-in period. Learn how it works, how much it costs, and how it compares to other boarding options on Southwest Airlines.

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